About Us

About Us:

Hi all, my name is Emily. I originally had the intention of making soap for just my family as a way of staying “mostly” natural. The very first batch I made used a recipe I found through a simple Google search. I bought the supplies needed, and got to work. Well, who knew it, but after that first trial run, I was hooked.

Four weeks later, the soaps were fully cured and ready to use. My husband was the first to try them out, and fell in love immediately. He loved the squeaky clean feeling he got after using my homemade soap. Little did we know how much we would both come to love the benefits.

My husband is a veteran who served in a combat zone that was in close proximity to burn pits in Africa. Due to the prolonged exposure, he developed chronic acne and red spots on his back. Well, the following day, after his first shower with my soap, his back had mostly cleared up! Wow! We were both amazed, and so grateful to have found a solution to help clean his skin so well.

With the understanding that not everyone would like the skin drying tendencies of that first recipe, I’ve created a new recipe that might feel a bit less drying and more moisturizing and conditioning to the skin.  Using skin loving ingredients like Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, and Shea Butter, this soap will make you feel so clean. For us, it feels so much better than any store bought brand of bar soap.